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Weapons charges can be very complicated but very serious. firearms and weapons laws encompass the ownership, sale, use, and possession of weapons and range from unlawful possession to having a legal weapon without a permit or the use of a weapon during the commission of a crime.

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Possession of a Prohibited Weapon

law has an outright ban on many weapons. Being in possession of the following weapons, among others, is a crime.

  • Machine guns
  • Assault weapons
  • Bombs and grenades
  • Sawed-off shotguns
  • Silencers
  • Daggers and stilettos
  • Ballistic knives
  • Stun guns
  • Handguns without a permit

The more dangerous the weapon, the higher the charge and penalty. It is a fourth degree indictable offense to knowingly possess these weapons with a potential prison sentence of up to 18 months.


Possession of a Weapon for an Unlawful Purpose

law makes it a crime to possess a weapon for an illegal purpose, or the intent to commit a crime. It is a second or third degree charge to possess a weapon with the intent to use it unlawfully against property or a person. It is a fourth degree offense to possess an imitation firearm with the intent of unlawful use.

Possession of an Unlicensed Firearm

There are many weapons that are permitted under the law, but it is illegal to possess these weapons without a permit or license. Depending on the weapon, it may be a third or fourth degree offense. It is a third degree offense to possess an assault firearm, shotgun, rifle, handgun, or machine gun without a license. It is a fourth degree offense to possess any weapon without a permit or license.

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Weapon Offense

Even if you have a permit, it is still unlawful to possess a weapon in certain places, such as a school.

Certain people are not permitted to possess weapons at all. This includes people who have ever been committed to a mental hospital and people who have been convicted of any crime (except disorderly persons offenses), which includes aggravated assault, sexual assault, homicide, endangering the welfare of a child, stalking, and domestic assault, among others.

Possession of a Firearm During the Commission of a Crime

Under law, someone who has a firearm during the commission of a crime, conspiring to commit a crime, or trying to commit a crime faces a second degree offense. Being found in possession of a weapon while committing a crime can result in additional penalties on top of those for the crime itself.

Possession of a Prohibited Weapon

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