Bernstein Criminal Defense Results


Our Criminal Defense Case results

State V. BF

Hopewell Twp, Mercer County

Original Charges- DWI, Reckless Driving and Speeding, client facing a 1 year driver’s license loss

Result- After filing a Motion to Suppress the stop on the grounds that the officer was not currently certified to operate the radar device, the State dismissed the DWI and speeding violations. April 2015.

State V. JL

Original Charges- Speeding 103-65, and Careless Driving

Result- Speeding ticket dismissed prior to Trial

State v. BB

Clementon, Camden County Original charges-

Criminal Assault with bodily injury Results-

All charges dismissed after Proof of counseling provided.

State V. BB

Hamilton Twp, Atlantic County

Original charges- Speeding 124 mph, and reckless driving, facing a 6 month loss of license and 24 days in the county jail for the excessive speed.

Result- Trial – All charges dismissed by the Court, during the State’s case. Judge granted our motion to dismiss for lack of Jurisdiction. May 2015

State v. NP

Lambertville, Somerset County

State V. HP

Hamilton Twp, Mercer County

Original charges- DWI and refusal, Client facing up to a 14 month driver’s license loss

Results- DWI dismissed, Pled guilty to the refusal, 7 month driver’s license loss. March 2015

State v. DR

Woodbury, Gloucester County

Original charges- Shoplifting and Drugs

Results- All charges dismissed. Feb 2015

State V. ARP

Burlington County Superior Court

Original Charges- Death by Auto, client facing up to 20 years in New Jersey

State Prison Results- All criminal charges dismisses by the Burlington County Grand Jury. May 2015

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